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Your 2020 Guide For Finding The Right Fish Oil

Learn what to look for, plus the 3 biggest mistakes shoppers make when choosing a fish oil

Updated 03/28/2020

Fish oil has become a household name, and everyone knows how critical it is for supporting the health of your brain, heart, joints, skin, and more. In fact, your doctor has probably told you to try a fish oil at one point or another. 

Unfortunately, there are so many fish oils on the market that it's easy to assume a one-size-fits-all mentality and simply grab any brand off the grocery store shelf. Many of these products, however, won't provide the right nutrients, and in some cases, may hurt more than help

With that in mind, we decided to investigate the best and the worst fish oils. We'll show you what to look for, what to avoid, and the top mistakes buyers make when purchasing their supplements.

Choosing The Best Fish Oil Supplement For Your Needs 

The best omega-3 fish oil supplements are always formulated with natural sources and tested thoroughly for harmful or undesirable contaminants. 

Unfortunately, many brands don't live up to these standards, and shoppers don't realize they're buying a product that, at best, renders no results. Here are  some common mistakes made when purchasing an omega-3 supplement.

What Not To Do When Looking For A Fish Oil:

  1. Skip The Research

    Contrary to popular belief, not all fish oils are the same. Brands use different formulas, so check that they contain the ingredients below. 

  2. Rely On Amazon Reviews

    Up to 65% of Amazon reviews are written by paid individuals, and some of them might not have tried the product. 

  3. Prioritize Price Over Quality

    We found that the generic brands tended to fall short on potency. Focus on quality ingredients to avoid compromising on your health.

Reading the ingredient label is also essential when choosing a fish oil. That said, we compiled a list of what to look for, and what to avoid: 

Try To Look For:

  1. Large servings EPA/DHA, plus at least 500 mg to 1000 mg of fish oil
  2. A variety of omega-3 sources
  3. Natural lemon coating to help avoid fishy aftertastes

Try To Avoid:

  1. Mercury, PCBs, carrageenan, titanium dioxide

  2. Artificial colors, flavors, or additives

  3. Synthetic or unnatural ingredients

Fish oil is so popular that many of us already know the information above, so we've included some lesser-known tips:

3 Secrets For Finding A Quality Fish Oil

  1. Serving Size Is Crucial 

    The daily recommended fish oil serving size is about 800 mg, but for real effectiveness, try to find a formula offering 1000 mg to 2000 mg.

  2. Fish Oil Must Be Pure 

    Your fish oil must be unaltered and free of environmental or other undesired toxic elements. Third-party analyses can certify that the supplement passes these tests with flying colors.

  3. Get Maximum EPA and DHA

    The standard for EPA/DHA levels in fish oil should total a minimum of 500 mg per serving. Red flag: some fish oil supplements don't specify the exact levels of EPA and DHA in their product. 

The Results Are In...

After studying 97 different fish oil products, we've compiled our top three results. These products received the most positive reviews after we surveyed users and read reviews from over 7,000 consumers. They also have the strongest ingredients and decent guarantees.

Top Picks are updated monthly based on testing and analyses:

Top Pick

5 stars

Consumers Survey Recommended

  • 2000 mg daily servings
  • 800mg of EPA
  • 600mg of DHA
  • Third-party tested 
  • 100% natural

OmegaWell by LiveWell tops our list with a 2000 mg daily serving size of high quality, premium fish oil. It doesn't skimp on potency, either, with a hefty offering of 800 mg of EPA and 600 mg of DHA

Its formula is 100% natural, with no artificial fillers, flavors, or synthetic ingredients. Customers also commented on its pleasant, natural lemon flavoring.
Its 365-day money-back guarantee was straightforward and easy to understand, plus their customer service team was top-notch. With all that in mind, we decided to make OmegaWell by LiveWell our top pick. 

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5 stars

#2: Omega Fish Oil | Advanced Support by HealthWise

Our healthy shoppers love the all-natural Omega Fish Oil from HealthWise. With third-party tested ingredients and a powerful 2,000 mg dosage, this fish oil is able to provide many of the same benefits as our Top Pick.

While HealthWise is not quite as well-known as other brands, they are definitely making a name for themselves already, with their high-quality products at affordable prices. Plus, with their 90-day, money-back guarantee, it’s a risk-free way of improving your health.

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5 stars

#3: Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega

Nordic Naturals rounds out our list with a decent 650 mg EPA and 450 mg DHA. While it's not as potent as our other top fish oils, it still offers mostly natural ingredients and a potent formula

Customers were generally happy with their results, though some complained about the capsules' strong fishy taste. Regardless, Nordic Naturals is a popular choice among fish oil consumers and deserves its spot on our list. 

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P.S. While OmegaWell is the best fish oil we've found, we would still love to hear about any others you've tried. If you have had a great experience of your own, please send me an email to Beverly@ConsumersSurvey.org with the details.

Beverly Gratson,
Senior Health Editor

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