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2024 Consumers Survey: CLA Weight Loss Guide

Updated 07/22/2024

Which Maximum Strength CLA Supplement Actually Works?

CLA is definitely the buzzword in weight management these days. Ever since a certain television doctor marked it as "the miracle weight loss pill" its popularity has been rising and rising. After our initial survey, we found an overwhelming amount of positive reviews from CLA users all over the country. Surprisingly, this pill seems to work.

But First, What Is CLA?

CLA, which stands for "conjugated linoleic acid," is a naturally occurring trans-fatty acid that is made from the omega-6 class of essential fatty acids. This compound is typically found in meat and dairy products, but can also be extracted from natural plant sources, such as safflower oil.
    • Studies have shown that CLA can reduce fat mass, while increasing lean body mass. In its extracted supplemental form, CLA can increase your metabolic rate, encourage muscle growth, help with weight management, and decrease your appetite.

Can CLA Help Me Burn Fat? 

There's a few ways CLA burns fat. First, it blocks a specific enzyme called lipoprotein lipase from causing fat cells to swell and grow larger. But that’s not all, because due to a series of biochemical reactions caused by CLA, your metabolic rate goes up and your body begins to burn fat cells at a quicker pace.

3 Vital Properties of a Quality CLA Supplement: 

  1. Potent Ingredients 

    An effective CLA supplement should contain at least 3000 mg per serving for substantial body fat reduction, according to clinical studies.1 

  2. Independent Testing: 

    This is crucial for an unbiased evaluation of the product's effectiveness. Often times you will see certain brands making outlandish claims that are unsupported. Most of these brands didn't even make it past our initial survey because they had no third-party testing to score their product's potency claim.

  3. Customer Satisfaction

    This is an excellent way to check the brand's overall credibility. We surveyed thousands of customer reviews across the major online marketplaces to see which companies have the best feedback on their products, and to make sure the supplement actually works.

3 Warning Signs Of An Inferior CLA Supplement

  1. Contains Cheap Fillers:

    avoid harmful artificial colors, flavors, and additives, such as glycerin, gelatin capsules, caramel, assorted oils, and carrageenan. These can all cause unhealthy side effects.
  2. Disreputable Company

    If the CLA you find isn't backed by a reputable seller with positive reviews, you should avoid purchasing from that company. It just wants to make a quick profit and most likely doesn't care about providing you with a quality product.
  3. Poor Money-Back Guarantee:

    Be cautious of companies that hide their a guarantee details in their "Terms and Conditions" making it extremely difficult to receive your money back, if at all. Unfortunately, this was the case with most companies we surveyed. 

The Results Are In...

After surveying over 10,000 user reviews and then being subjected to our own rigorous survey, only a handful of brands made it to the top of our list. Users reported positive results—significant weight loss—and the companies selling these products are established, reputable, and have excellent return policies and customer service.

Our top picks below, are updated every month based on the above testing and criteria:

The Top Three CLA Supplements

Top Pick

5 stars

Consumers Survey Recommended

  • 3000 mg, 80% concentration
  • Third-party tested
  • 100% natural
  • Great customer service
  • 365-day money back

Call Essential Elements Toll Free:

#1: Essential Elements Conjugated Linoleic Acid - CLA


Essential Elements came in first place, and it’s not hard to see why. Clinical studies have shown that an average CLA serving size of 3000 mg is recommended to achieve proper weight loss results.1

Their maximum strength CLA supplement contains optimal potency, top-notch purity, and a 100% all-natural formula with no artificial ingredients whatsoever.

With an 80% concentration of plant-derived CLA, Essential Elements wins our #1 top spot.

Their risk-free, 365-day, money-back guarantee solidifies their ranking 

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5 stars

Call GNC Toll Free: 
(877) 462-4700

#2: GNC Total Lean ®

While Total Lean ® has a respectable and strong 2000 mg per serving formula this isn’t the daily recommended amount of 3000 mg. While there weren’t many reviews, when there were, customers complained of ineffectiveness. GNC’s 30-day guarantee doesn’t really offer a chance to truly try the product, and it doesn’t compete with much longer guarantees.

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5 stars

New - Call Ab Cuts Toll Free:
Coming Soon

#3: Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula

Ab Cuts CLA Belly Fat Formula Softgel has a strong 2000 mg formula (but it is not the strongest dose we’ve seen, nor the 3000 mg daily amount proven successful through clinical trials). Although the CLA dosage was lower, we did like the fact that this product contains no fillers or artificial ingredients. However, Ab Cuts reached only a 3.8 out of 5 stars review rating on Amazon for customer satisfaction.

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P.S. While Essential Elements is the best CLA we've found, we would still love to hear about any others you've tried. If you have had a great experience of your own, please send me an email to Beverly@ConsumersSurvey.org with the details.

Beverly Gratson,
Senior Health Editor

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