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Sleek Sonos Play Wireless Speaker Review

Who doesn't love to be able to listen to their music with clear and quality sound in their own home? Here at Consumer's Survey, we all agreed that we must check out the Sonos Play wireless speaker. This compact device had our eye even more so after we sifted through hundreds of positive reviews on it, so we finally decided to try it out as well.

What's the Sonos Play All About?

Even though this speaker is compact in design, it delivers a lot of crystal clear and deep HiFi sound. It's versatile and sleek design can fit into just about any space in your home where you want your music playing, for a sound that is surprisingly big, no matter how small of a spot it is placed in. You can enjoy all of your favorite music easily from the only wireless music system which takes great, full bodied sound and combines it with a wireless network that is quite powerful and completely devoted to streaming HiFi sound with no dropouts. We love the fact that this little speaker can be placed just about anywhere in your home and still deliver amazing sound.

Engineering and Design

This unit comes with 3.5 inch mid-woofer and tweeter which are custom tuned. These are powered by a set of digital amplifiers which are dedicated and deliver to you rich, textured sound with great power, plus booming lows and highs which are totally crystal clear. This all gives you the perfect sound at any volume you wish. A huge plus we found was that this speaker is resistant to humidity so that it can continue to operate without a hitch, even in environments that regularly have high humidity, like a bathroom with a shower running.

Filling Your Home with Music is Easy

Although one of these little speakers is wonderful, adding a bridge or another speaker creates an even wider range of sound. If you include these together in the same room, you'll experience true stereo sound. However many speakers you need to fill your home with music is easy to do with additional Sonos Play speakers, and it's all done wirelessly, which is a huge convenience and advantage over many other speaker systems.

Ease of Control

We absolutely loved that you can play anything with a single app which allows you to play your whole music library, stream your favorite services and tune in to over one hundred thousand stations and podcasts over the Internet.

You can also play your music from any device that you own, such as your Android smartphone, iPad, iPhone or iPod touch and your tablet, all wirelessly directly sent to your Sonos system.

You can even control each room of music, playing either the same song in each room in perfect unison, or playing different music in every room from any source. The possibilities with these speakers are numerous, and we just love the flexibility the system allows.

Besides all the great features to this speaker, the build of it is also amazing. It is solid and feels very well built, weighs in at just over four pounds and it has a smooth, rounded edge design which only takes up about half of the space of some other units.

Besides the cost of this unit being a bit steep for the average consumer, we really loved the Sonos Play wireless speakers and would definitely recommend them.

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