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Review: Zumba Fitness Exhilarate

Let's face it. Not all workouts are fun, and some are downright boring. So we at Consumer's Survey set out to find some new and exciting workouts to try out. During our search we found the Zumba Fitness Exhilarate Body Shaping System. We put our order in and while we waited sifted through the hundreds of reviews that are available online so we could get a good idea of what people already thought.

What Does This Program Entail?

If you are looking for excitement in your workout than this is the one you for you. You'll be shaking, moving and rocking it out with these red hot dance steps and pulsating world and Latin rhythms. This four-disc system will have you cranking up the music and burning off the calories while you turn your workout at home into a dance fitness party.

This program gives you five exciting workouts that have levels of varying intensity. These include a Step by Step basic guide which will show you how to break down the steps, Activate, which is a forty-five minute long class which is easy to follow and will get you going, Rippled: Zumba Toning, a sculpting workout that uses their exclusive maraca Toning Sticks, Mix, a rhythmic journey sending you around the world, Exhilarate, the full-length original fitness party experience, and a bonus 5th DVD: Rush, which is a twenty minute workout to pump you up.

As mentioned, the set includes a pair of one pound Zumba Toning Sticks that help you to shake up and rock out to your workouts, specifically the Mix and Ripped-Toning DVDs. The Ripped-Toning DVD consists solely of a workout with these sticks.

What We Had to Say

We have tested many different types of workouts previously, but what we really liked about the Zumba Fitness Exhilarate system is that it is absolutely fun, just like it says. So many other workouts tend to get completely boring, especially after using them day in and day out, but we never got bored once while doing this Zumba workout. That right there is a huge plus for any workout and it is what sold us on this product right away.

Other aspects about it that we love is the fact that they take the time to slowly and clearly show you all of the first basic steps, even allowing you to change the angle and watch from behind just like you are in an actual class if you prefer. The workouts were also no joke. They will really give you a good workout, and in the beginning the workouts were so intense that some of us couldn't even make it through the first few times around. However, the fun never ceased, so even though the workouts were tough we still had fun doing them and we knew we could get good results in the end.

Saves Money

With Zumba Fitness Exhilarate, you'll also be saving money from not having to go to the gym and have an expensive membership. Going to the gym isn't always so desirable for many people anyway, either from the lack of fun, the embarrassment of working out in front of others, or just a problem with time for it in their schedules. When you can workout at home, you can do it anytime you have a few minutes; something we really think is a great feature.

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