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Your Guide To The Top 3 Digestive Enzymes Of 2020

Updated 06/01/2020

Did You Choose The Right Enzyme Supplement? 

Digestive enzyme supplements have flooded the market, and for good reason. These digestive aids can soothe stomach upset and boost digestion

Unfortunately, there are so many different enzymes, formulas, and serving sizes that it can be confusing to find the right product. Many of us struggle to understand what digestive enzymes are in the first place. Some brands have taken advantage of our confusion by stuffing their products with more  additives than actual enzymes, and hiding them all under the guise of a "proprietary formula." 

That's why Consumer Survey created a guide to help you better understand what digestive enzymes are and what to look for in a good supplement. We also researched 59 enzyme supplements to uncover the good, the bad, and the downright ugly. 

Do I Really Need a Digestive Enzyme Aid?

Our bodies naturally produce digestive enzymes to help us absorb the nutrients we need to survive.

Unfortunately, however, our Typical American Diet (TAD) is made up mostly of processed foods that are filled with trans fats and sugars. This means our bodies have to work even harder in order to absorb vital nutrients.

Other factors, like age, stress, allergies, and chronic inflammation, can also tamper with our ability to properly obtain and absorb nutrients — and when this happens your body puts enzyme production on the bottom of its to-do list. The end result: any nutrients you’re taking in — even from something healthy like a salad — aren’t actually being absorbed by your body.

That’s where digestive enzyme supplements come in as they can help ensure proper breakdown and maximum nutrient absorption for even the hardest to digest foods.

Research is only just now making the connection between our gut health and the other functions in our body, therefore, an enzyme supplement could be an essential step toward whole-body wellness.

You May Benefit From a Digestive Enzyme Aid If You Have:

Constipation, upset stomach, gas, diarrhea, & bloating
An age-related enzyme insufficiency 
Low stomach acid
Air, soil, and water pollution in your city
Drinking water treated with fluoride

As you can see, digestive enzymes are vital to proper health and nutrition. However, it can be difficult to determine exactly what types of enzymes we need, the ideal serving sizes, and which formulas are the most effective.

Fortunately, after extensive research, we were able to narrow it down to the top things to look for in an effective digestive supplement aid:

3 Things To Look For In A Digestive Enzyme Supplement

  1. The Right Formula 

    Look for a varied blend of plant-based enzymes. Unlike animal-based enzymes, these benefit guts with both low and moderate acidity. 

  2. Probiotics 

    Saccharomyces boulardii is a crucial yeast probiotic for amping up digestive health. Adding it to your formula boosts not only your short-term digestion, but also long-term health.

  3. Doctor-Formulated 

    Digestive enzymes are tricky. Crafting the right formula requires years of expertise. Look for a gastroenterologist backing the product. 

A supplement with these characteristics is critical for real results, but most importantly, make sure the formula includes these enzymes:

Top Clinically Proven Enzymes:

  • Protease - breaks down protein into amino acids, or its basic building blocks. As we age, we begin producing less of them naturally. Look for: a varied blend of at least 100 SAPU, 11,000 HUT and 9,000 HU.
  • Bromelain - helps you digest proteins found in meats, nuts, cheese and grains. Look for: At least 100 GDUs per serving
  • Papain - also crucial for digesting protein. The best blends contain both bromelain and papain for comprehensive digestive support. Look for: At least 800,000 PUs per serving
  • Amylase - breaks the starch, sugar and fiber found in grains, fruits and vegetables down into smaller molecules. Look for: 5,000 DU or more per serving
  • Cellulase - helps us digest fruits and vegetables. Unfortunately, humans can't produce it naturally. Look for: At least 2,000 CUs per serving.
  • Lipase - breaks down fats like butter, cheese, olive and fish oils into fatty acids and glycerol, which then travel throughout our body. Look for: 2,000 FIPs per serving

While researching, we also ran into a few red flags:

What To Avoid When Researching A Digestive Enzyme:

  1. Dangerous Fillers & Additives

    Steer clear of supplements formulated with magnesium stearate, chromium, gelatin capsules, and silicon dioxide. These can all cause unwanted side effects.

  2. Focusing All Your Research On Amazon Reviews 

    Up to 65% of Amazon reviews are written by paid individuals, and some of them might not have tried the product.

  3. Prioritizing Price Over Quality 

    We found that the lower-priced brands tended to fall short on potency. It's better to invest in a quality supplement that includes all the necessary ingredients for healthy digestion. You'll save more money in the long run

The Results Are In...

We took all of these factors into account, and after reviewing 59 products, only a handful offered users the right combination of enzyme, probiotic strain, and purity. When it comes to enzyme supplements, you get what you pay for.

Top Picks are updated monthly based on testing and analyses:

Top Pick

5 stars

Consumers Survey Recommended

  • 18 plant-based enzymes
  • Saccharomyces boulardii probiotic 
  • Doctor-formulated
  • Third-party lab
    tested for purity
  • 100% natural, no artificial additives
  • Speedy customer service
  • 90-day money-
    back guarantee

Call 1MD Toll Free:
(888) 393-4030

#1: EnzymeMDTM


EnzymeMDTM by 1MD was the only product we found that contained both enzymes and a probiotic.

We confirmed that its capsules are 100% vegan, and it contains absolutely no fillers or additives. In fact, 1MD was one of the safest brands we found. Customers raved about the results they noticed, both immediately and in the long-term. 

1MD stands by its product with a 90-day money-back guarantee. We were able to get on the phone with their customer service department more quickly than most other brands, and the agent was extremely knowledgeable about the product. 

We verified that EnzymeMDTM is supported by clinical trials and  developed by a board-certified gastroenterologist. 

With all this in mind, we decided to make 1MD our top pick for potency, quality, safety, and overall customer satisfaction. 

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5 stars

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#2: DigestWell By LiveWell Nutrition

LiveWell Nutrition's DigestWell came in a close second for its popular and potent formula.  

It contains all-natural, pure ingredients and absolutely no unhealthy additives. Customers raved about their results. DigestWell's formula includes 10 broad spectrum, plant-based digestive enzymes as well as powerful botanicals, ginger, fennel, and peppermint, all clinically proven to aid in digestion. Many customers said they saw quicker results after increasing their daily dosage by 2 to 3 capsules. 

We also found that LiveWell recently opened an Amazon store where you can buy this digestive enzyme supplement for a discounted price with a 365-day money-back guarantee. It does, however, appear to be a new listing, explaining the lack of reviews.

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5 stars

Call Enzymedica Toll Free:

#3: Digest Gold By Enzymedica

Digest Gold by Enzymedica is an extremely popular digestive enzyme supplement, but we were admittedly worried about adding it to our list.

While Digest Gold does contain a decently potent serving of enzymes, we were concerned about their limited return policy. It doesn't include any probiotic strains, so its effectiveness is also diminished. 
Digest Gold has some great qualities, but we had to put it at the bottom of our list.  

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P.S. While 1MD is the best Digestive Enzyme Supplement we've found, we would still love to hear about any others you've tried. If you have had a great experience of your own, please send me an email to Beverly@ConsumersSurvey.org with the details.

Beverly Gratson,
Senior Health Editor

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