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2019 Best Candida Supplement: 1MD Complete Candida Control

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  • “Struggling with candida infection is not easy. I've been dealing with gut issues for the last 2 years and nothing ever helped, until I tried this product. Within a week, my candida infection was GONE. If that doesn't tell the story, I don't know what does."Meghan L. | San Francisco, CA
  • Still in shock that this product delivers such powerful results with all-natural ingredients. No other product I've bought came close to 1MD Candida Control."Joshua M.| Cary, NC
  • “Candida issues are the worst. I bought a 3-bottle supply of 1MD Complete Candida Control and noticed a difference in about two weeks. I'm a believer in this product." Carly S. | Austin, TX


1MD Complete Candida Control is a powerful formula that offers potent digestive enzymes, single-strain probiotics, and all-natural herbal cleansers that help you maintain healthy intestinal flora, while strengthening your immune system.

Each 2-capsule serving of 1MD Complete Candida Control contains 18 billion colony forming units of proven strain lactobacillus acidophilus. It is important to note that 1MD is using a single-strain probiotic in their formula specifically aimed at helping to restore good gut flora, in addition to an extra strength aloe vera concentrate which aids in rebuilding a healthy gut lining for a one-two punch.

1MD Complete Candida Control’s inclusion of key fiber-digesting enzymes, Protease and Cellulase, are two major players that help breakdown tough yeast cell walls and effectively consume their nuclei, preparing this yeast infection waste for elimination. But, one of our most favorite properties of this product is the fact that it’s 100% GMO-free, vegan, and absent of any fillers or synthetic additives, so you don’t have to worry about awful hidden ingredients. There simply aren't any.


We scoured the internet for reviews and found that customers who used 1MD Complete Candida Control were overwhelmingly happy with their results. Some stated, “I have no idea how this product works so great but it really does,” “I don’t think I’ll ever stop using this,” and, “I wish I would have found this product earlier!”

Other customers mentioned that the pills don’t have “any horrible aftertaste,” and they were “really happy to find an all natural option that actually worked.” We also found several reports that users were pleased by the professional manner, product knowledge, and efficiency of their customer service representatives.


1MD is a company that fully stands behind their product as is made evident by "The 1MD Promise,” which is supported by their 90-day 100% satisfaction guarantee, superior quality, first-rate safety, and exceptional customer service. This satisfaction guarantee offers customers the opportunity to truly test the product. If you’re not 100% satisfied, they will refund your entire purchase.


Complete Candida Control by 1MD ranked #1 in our findings for many reasons, but top on the list is the fact that it truly is a complete, broad-spectrum formula. Their unique compound combats Candida yeast overgrowth, while nourishing healthy bacteria in the intestinal tract, giving the body an opportunity to begin improving digestion, enhancing immune defenses and lowering inflammation.

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90-Day Risk-Free Unconditional Guarantee

1MD offers an unconditional 90-day guarantee on its products, with no fine print and no nonsense involved. When we tested this policy, we were able to get our money back with no hassle whatsoever. That shows they stand by their product.

This is one of the best guarantees that we have seen from any manufacturer, and a true commitment to customer satisfaction on every level. Give 1MD a try today.

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