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2020 Buyers Guide: Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA

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  • “I have been taking this for three months and I feel amazing! I have just been taking two of these pills a day and have lost 16 lbs, without even changing my diet or exercise routine. I'm not hungry all the time.” Shandra G. | Orlando, FL.
  • Just buy it and try it. You have nothing to lose except the fat sitting on your...belly.Donald K. | Jackson, TN.
  • “I've been lifting and a few websites recommended CLA to help with fat loss. I checked around and this is the best I've found. I'm finally getting the abdominal results I was looking for.”Jason P. | Glendale, CA.


The primary ingredient in Essential Elements is pure, 100% plant-derived, conjugated linoleic acid. Formulated in an 80% concentration of the purest, most premium-quality CLA available. Essential Elements contains 3000 mg of CLA from 100% all-natural Safflower oil per serving. There are no artificial colors, flavors, fillers, or binders. The formula is not only the most natural and pure concentration on the market, it is also the only CLA supplement that provides the recommended dose of 3000 mg in every serving size.1  This dosage was shown to be successful in clinical trials. With nothing else added, Essential Elements has created the ultimate CLA brand.

The use of third-party testing assures the product is of the very best quality. Every batch is tested for consistency and quality control to ensure you’re receiving exactly what you need and none of the additives you don’t.

Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA contains absolutely no fillers, binders, unnecessary ingredients, artificial flavors, or colors at all. Even the capsules are made with vegetable cellulose. In terms of highest-quality ingredients and product effectiveness, Essential Elements is the best.


Essential Elements also came in first place in terms of customer opinion and reviews. We were surprised to find a CLA supplement brand with an average rating over four stars, and Essential Elements proved to be the brand. Some of the reviews spoke of newsletters and product tips.

When we ordered our bottle, we were invited to join the Essential Elements online community, which basically meant access to special offers, exercise tips, and great discounts for signing up. (Added bonus.)

We called in to test customer service, and got through to a friendly and experienced customer service representative who spent a long time answering all of our questions in great detail. All in all, this company’s customer service department earns our top marks across the board.


Many of the CLA supplements on the market contain an assortment of artificial or synthetic ingredients, cheap binders and fillers, and unnecessary additives that lessen the impact of the product. These ingredients can also produce various unwanted side effects.

Undesirable components such as modified cornstarch, carrageenan, glycerin, and other fillers means that you’re not getting the best product you deserve.

Our own research of Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA showed a flawless analysis of its natural ingredients, their overall purity, and the total exclusion of synthetic additives and unnecessary ingredients. We found their CLA free of all harmful contaminants.

CLA is not known to interact with any specific medications or medical conditions, especially when the ingredients are comprised of a 100% all-natural formulation.


One of the main reasons why Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA secured itself in the top position with our highest marks is because of the overall value you receive for the money spent on these (often discounted) products. Many other companies’ products cost the same (if not more) money for a supplement that has lower quality ingredients, or greatly reduced effectiveness for the user’s personal weight management goals. We compared cost versus quality for a large number of competing brands, and found that Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA provided the strongest ratio of nutrients to dollars spent, while many other competitors offered much less for a lot more money.

Essential Elements has the highest quality weight loss supplement at one of the most competitive prices on the market. For this reason, the company easily took #1 in this category.


A risk-free product guarantee is one of the best deciding factors when considering which product to purchase and which brand you can trust. When we checked Essential Elements’ guarantee we were impressed to discover a full one-year guaranteewhich pretty much means you can order worry-free. Out of all the competitors, only Essential Elements paired such a long-term, extensive, and comprehensive guarantee with the reputation of a company that deals with few customer returns and offers customer satisfaction and peace of mind.

They also have a very professional customer service team who were available at various times to answer a bunch of questions we had. You can contact them anytime, at (888) 343-9888.


In the end, Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA claims the first place finish, hands down. They’ve established a lead among the top CLA brandsfrom their 100% all-natural ingredients to their world-class customer serviceEssential Elements ranked highest, even among customer satisfaction criteria. If you’re looking for a CLA supplement to assist your weight management goals, Essential Elements is clearly the one we recommend — the cream of the crop.

In every categoryfrom cost and safety to effectiveness and servicethis brand wins #1.


Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA comes in a very strong first place overall. Here’s the breakdown of how we awarded this phenomenal supplement our top spot:

  • Best serving size - 3000 mg of plant-based, 80% concentrated CLA formula
  • 100% all-natural formulation that contains nothing synthetic or artificial
  • NO added ingredients, unnatural additives, cheap binders or fillers
  • Knowledgeable, friendly customer service staff, with very satisfied customers
  • Best in the industry satisfaction guarantee that lasts up to an entire year

Voted Most Useful Reviews

What do Essential Elements users have to say? Here are some recent reviews:


“The cool thing about Essential Elements CLA (besides how effective it is), is that you don’t have to worry about the pills being full of chemicals that you don’t want. I know exactly what I’m consuming and when I see results, it just makes me feel that much better. Not to mention, this is a great add-on to using whey protein. I really love this.” - Thomas L.

*Results may or may not be typical.*


“I work out a lot and I always struggle with too much weight around my abs. I gave CLA a try from this company (Essential Elements) and I was surprised to discover that after three weeks of use, I’ve got definition around my stomach. CLA + exercise = big win.” - Thomas M.

*Results may or may not be typical.*


“There are so many supplements to chose from, it’s really hard to know what works and what doesn’t. Essential Elements works. I’ve been gaining muscle mass and losing pounds at the same time for two months straight because of these supplements. When I run out I am re-ordering again to keep it up and I’m glad I don’t have to look anymore.” - Mary G.

*Results may or may not be typical.*


“Whether it works for you or not, buying a bunch of these in a bundle was the smartest decision that I made. I don’t think I would be seeing such dramatic changes in my body if I had only stocked up for one month. This CLA brand has changed my belief that if you look hard enough, you can find something that really helps you control weight.” - Selena L.

*Results may or may not be typical.*


“I can't describe it. You just have to try it for yourself. After a long battle I finally made it. This CLA is the most effective I’ve tried and the amount I spent on a 3-month order was discounted. You can’t lose with this product. My wife noticed the difference after one month. Customer for life!” - Jake F.

*Results may or may not be typical.*

  • Common Questions About
    Maximum Strength CLA from Essential Elements:

  • 1. How does it work? What exactly is CLA?

    CLA is the acronym for “conjugated linoleic acid”. It is an extract that derives from both plant and animal sources, but the healthy formulation comes from natural Safflower oil. CLA is typically used for body shaping, fat burning, and weight management regimens.

  • 2. Has CLA been clinically studied?

    Yes, and in recent clinical studies, researchers have shown that CLA can contribute to loss of fat mass and speeding up metabolism in users. It is effective mostly because it acts as both a fat burner and a muscle retention aid, and has shown to assist well in shaping body definition as well as controlling appetite. Its uses are versatile and vast.

  • 3. Is CLA safe to use?

    Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA is 100% all-natural, and 100% safe to use. It is entirely derived from plants as an 80% concentration extracted from Safflower oil. When adding an all-natural, non-artificial CLA supplement to your diet, exercise, or workout routine, CLA has been shown to optimize results in a variety of routines.

    People with existing medical conditions should consult their doctor to confirm that it is safe for them to use this supplement. Women who are nursing or pregnant should abstain from use. Brands that add other ingredients (like most competitors), including binders, fillers, synthetic agents, and artificial colors/flavors, may not be safe to take.

  • 4. What is the proper daily dosage?

    The most successful scientific studies have shown CLA to be at their most effective when taken in 3000 mg doses, which comprised the “maximum strength” component of the Essential Elements CLA brand. Some companies try to short-change customers by recommending smaller doses and at the same time, charging more money. In order to be safe and also get the best results, we recommend the maximum 3000 mg dosage.

  • 5. What are the contents found in each capsule?

    The answer to this question depends entirely on the brand. Some unreputable companies use synthetic ingredients and fillers that serve no purpose other than to reduce costs and increase production. This can potentially cause unwanted side effects.

    We recommend only taking supplements that contain all-natural ingredients – ideally only the Safflower oil, plant-derived, pure extract found in Essential Elements’ formula.

  • 6. How soon will I see results?

    Results will vary depending on the individual. Many see results within the first week, but most will find themselves losing weight by the end of the first month. One of the reasons that Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA is so popular is that they offer a 365-day risk-free trial. Customers can return the product if they don't feel satisfied with their results.Offering a risk-free trial of this kind speaks to the company’s confidence in the effectiveness of their product, and their commitment to customer service excellence.

  • 7. Will Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA help me lose weight?

    Each person is different, so results may vary. Some scientific studies, however, have shown that for the majority of people, CLA (when used with the correct dosage and all-natural extracts) is effective in curbing appetite and supporting weight loss. Exact results depend on a variety of factors, such as genetics, exercise routine, and diet.

  • 8. What side effects should I be concerned about?

    Unlike some other weight management supplements, there are no known side effects from taking CLA. To be safe, always choose a supplement that has no artificial or synthetic ingredients, unnecessary additives, binders, fillers, colors, or flavors.

    Take the product exactly as directed, and do not consume more than recommended. People with known medical conditions or who are nursing or pregnant should consult with a physician before taking any brand of CLA or related supplements or products.

  • 9. What if I take other medications?

    Because Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA is a 100% all-natural supplement, there is currently no known interference with pharmaceutical medications. Brands that add synthetic fillers, binders, flavors or colors, however, cannot make this guarantee. Either way, if you take a lot of other medications, be sure to speak to your doctor before starting to use a new supplement.

  • 10. Is it safe to order online?

    With Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA, yes. Different companies have different policies and present different experiences. While most companies keep your credit information private, other companies may engage in unscrupulous business practices, including automatic billing. These programs will repeatedly charge your credit card, often without your knowledge. None of the products that made it to the top of our survey employ automatic billing. And Essential Elements (first place in our survey), also has a return policy that will give customers a full refund for any reason within 365 days.

  • 11. Why should I choose Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA?

    Essential Elements have been at the top of our survey for months now, and that's not a coincidence. They use only the highest quality ingredients with the purest compounds, incredible customer service, a solid return policy, great products, and most importantly - satisfied customers. From our assessment, Essential Elements is the industry leader.


Without a doubt, Essential Elements reigns supreme in every single category we tested and researched. The content and quality of their maximum strength CLA supplement is the best we found and the users who have tried them are reporting hugely successful results in record-setting numbers. From the high-end products to the five-star customer service representatives, Essential Elements brought a superior experience to the table in every way. Not many brands offer the level of class, quality, and sophistication that Essential Elements does. We strongly recommend trying their products for yourself.

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Please note this is a limited time offer and can only be accessed on this page. Limit 1 Package per customer – please only order one of the 1, 3, or 6-packs below.

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1-Month Supply (1 Bottle)

Original Price: $19.95 Your Price: $18.95 ($18.95 each)

Save: $1.00 (5%)

One-Year, Risk-Free, Unconditional Guarantee

While most companies will offer a typical 30-day money-back guarantee  full of fine print and inconvenient conditions, Essential Element's 365-day money-back guarantee stands out as the best in the industry. No fine print and no nonsense involved. When we tested this policy, we were able to get our money back with no hassle whatsoever.

This is the best guarantee that we have seen from any manufacturer, and a true commitment to customer satisfaction.

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P.S. While Essential Elements Maximum Strength CLA proved to be the best brand we found in our search, we would still love to hear about any others you've tried. If you have had any memorable experiences of your own, please send me an e-mail at Beverly@ConsumersSurvey.org with the details. We'll check it out and if it looks good, we'll post it on our blog.

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