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Surprisingly, Verified Forskolin came in third place in our survey for the top forskolin weight loss products today. They offer 125 mg of standardized 10% forskolin. This a less pure forskolin than others on the list. They also do not offer a guarantee or have a customer service line to speak with someone on the phone.

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Coming in at our third place for top forskolin weight loss products on the market today is Verified Forskolin. This product has pure forskolin at only 10 percent concentrate and offers no guarantee or customer service line to contact to ask questions.


The Good:

Verified Forskolin has 125 mg of pure forskolin extract but, unfortunately, it’s less pure at only a 10 percent concentration.

The Bad:

This product promotes itself as 100 percent all-natural but that’s not true. Verified Forskolin does not use veggie capsules. They use gelatin which is a cheaper, non-natural version.


Their website includes some testimonials from very satisfied customers. However, Verified Forskolin also has customers on other websites complaining of no way to reach their customer service and multiple emails going unanswered.


After searching the Verified Forskolin website we noticed there was no promoted guarantee. Guarantees are a big indicator of whether a brand stands behind its products or not. We were going to call to ask if they had a guarantee but they do not have a sales line. We are assuming this means they have no guarantee, which makes this product a risky purchase for consumers.


Verified Forskolin came in third place because it has the recommended amount of forskolin but it is a less pure formula, has some questionable reviews and offers no guarantee. Be mindful of products that say one thing but offer another.

For more information or to purchase the product, take a look at the Verified Forskolin’s website.

P.S. While LiveWell Labs Pure Forskolin Extract is our choice for the number one forskolin product on the market today, we would still love to hear from you about any other products you have a personal experience with. Please send us your stories at, and you might see your story on our next survey.


Beverly Gratson


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