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Viviscal Hair Vitamin Review

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Viviscal Hair's extra strength supplement came in at the number two spot on our list of top hair supplements on the market today. This company has a strong reputation for providing quality hair products but has recently changed the formula and comes in a less absorbable and less effective tablet form. Many consumers love the all the biotin and vitamins in this products but are not aware it also contains some unhealthy fillers.


The Good:
Viviscal contains a formula that seems to be working effectively for its users. This product contains vitamin C, niacin, iron, zinc and biotin, which helps promote hair growth. However, the quantity of their active ingredients, such as biotin and AminoMar C Marine Complex, are significantly less than our number one pick.

The Bad:
Some of the other filler ingredients do concern us. Microcrystalline cellulose and silicon dioxide are cheaper, unnecessary fillers, one is affectionately known as "wood pulp" and the other is nicknamed "sand". Not something you want or need to put in your body. Also, the artificial orange flavoring is known to be unhealthy, however it is in a relatively negligible quantity.

In addition, this product comes in tablet form, instead of a capsule. Tablets are known to be harder to swallow than capsules and some contend that they are absorbed less efficiently in the body. The contents of tablets are digested significantly less quickly than capsules. This causes you to absorb only a percentage of what is actually in the tablet before excreting the rest out.


We conducted thorough research using thousands of customer reviews online. We also surveyed our readers. Most reviews contained positive affirmation that the product was actually working. However, in reviews we found from this past year, we noticed quite a few posts from upset customers who are unsatisfied that Viviscal recently changed their formula.


Viviscal offers a "90-Day Money Back Guarantee". It is a good length for the guarantee However, it wasn't the best guarantee we saw on the market. Also, it's worth mentioning that they do subtract shipping and handling fees so it is not a full refund.


Many of Viviscal's users are pleased with the product because it is producing good results. However, the recent change of formula which caused dissatisfaction among their customers and the unnecessary fillers the product contains are the ultimate reason this product was ranked second and not first.

For more information or to purchase the product, take a look at the Viviscal website.

P.S. While Hair La Vie is the best hair supplement we've found, we would still love to hear about any others you've tried. If you have had a great experience of your own, please send me an email at Bianca@ConsumersSurvey.org with the details. We'll check it out and if it looks good, we'll post it on our blog.


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