If you're like most of us, your pets are your whole world. Set aside your pets stuffed animals, balls and pull toys and say hello to the new way to play. If you're looking for the best and newest puppy toys, look no further. iFetch is an interactive [...]

Who hasn't lost their keys? If you are like most people, you've probably done this, and had it happen several different times. There is nothing more frustrating than when you are running late, trying to get out the door and as you are about to step [...]

Who doesn't love to be able to listen to their music with clear and quality sound in their own home? Here at Consumer's Survey, we all agreed that we must check out the Sonos Play wireless speaker. This compact device had our eye even more so after [...]

Everyone at Consumer's Survey had been anticipating the release of the Sony PlayStation 4, so when it finally came out we hurried to read all the reviews we could and purchase one to try out. There are always quite a few mixed reviews with new game [...]

Let's face it, electronics are becoming used at a younger and younger age with all of the computers and other devices that are available. So, of course  little ones want something of their own, as they see their older siblings and friends with their [...]